Month #1: Newsletter - How To FULLY Fund A Huge Audience With Self-Liquidating Content

If you have followed Russell for any amount of time you know he's talked a lot about consistently creating content to get our message out to the masses. The problem is sometimes we don't see any immediate money coming back in. In this issue, Russell will show you how to fully fund a HUGE audience by creating self-liquidating content through your favorite channels in a fun and exciting way! Russell also covers a different method of turning cold traffic into buyers using the "Political Bridge" Funnel he discovered when he kept running across political quiz funnels online.   Make Sure Download The Awesome 19 Page Newsletter Here!

Month #1: "Self-Liquidating Content" Funnel

In this lesson, Russell discusses why you need to consistently create content on at least one channel you're comfortable with. Russell deep dives into how posting your own content at first is all about learning your own voice and understanding what your audience is looking for. He also breaks down the "Self-Made Man" funnel ("Self-Liquidating Content" Funnel). This funnel is not super engaging with multiple upsells or offers but it's extremely effective for self-liquidating your content. The goal is to self-liquidate in such a way that it gets your audience excited about your content and it makes a dollar for every one you spend! Download "Self-Liquidating Content" Funnel and Get Started Now!


Month #1: "The Political Bridge" Funnel

It may not come as a surprise to most but political sites have email lists of millions of people! Essentially cold traffic that volunteered their information to pledge allegiance to one side, or the other, of the political spectrum. When Russell came across this discovery he asked the question "what if we build our own political email list?" In this lesson, Russell tells the story of how he capitalized on the 2016 election by capturing and converting cold traffic using the "Political Bridge" Funnel! Today, you'll learn how to create a bridge to convert that same cold traffic into buyers for yourself! Download "The Political Bridge" Funnel Here to Start Converting Cold Traffic into Buyers!


Month #2: Newsletter - The Invisible Funnel & 5 Figure Sales

In this month's issue, Russell tells us of the time he spent working for Chet Holmes and witnessing for himself the power of what he calls the "Invisible" Funnel. Russell watched Chet give a three-hour webinar and ending by selling his audience a $5,000 package all by using this unconventional funnel method! This issue also includes bonus material covering the founder of Wake Up Warrior, Garrett J. White's "High Ticket" Funnel. Russell breaks down how Garret is able to sell 5+ figure offers using this amazing funnel!   Don't Forget To Download This Incredible 15 Page Newsletter!

Month #2: "Invisible" Funnel

When Russell Brunson worked for Chet Holmes, the sales and marketing expert, he witnessed Chet's genius first hand. Chet would give a three-hour webinar and by the end, he would consistently sell his audience a $5,000 package. Chet's secret method wasn't only found in his presentation but also in the way he captured the payment. Before the webinar would even begin Chet would ask for his customer's credit card but they didn't have to pay anything right away. Instead, he'd let people watch the full three-hour webinar first, and if they loved it, they would pay after. This method came to be known as the "Invisible" Funnel! The key to the "Invisible" Funnel is to deliver a tangible result to your audience i.e. you guarantee your customers a certain result after they finish your webinar and once they achieve the desired result they pay! So get started and download this one of a kind funnel below! Download the Revolutionary "Invisible" Funnel Here!


Month #2: "High Ticket" Funnel

In this video, Russell will break down one of his favorite funnels by the one and only Garrett J. White! Garrett designed the "High Ticket" funnel to target a very specific audience because his program isn't designed for the masses. His program was made for a certain niche that Garrett's company, Wake Up Warrior, focuses on. The "High Ticket" funnel is different in this way; instead of trying to appeal to everyone who enters the funnel (like most other funnels) this one is designed to push away most traffic and only capture the core customers you're after. Whatever your niche is, this funnel was created to target and sell to your dream customer! Get started now and download the share funnel below! Download the "High Ticket" Funnel to Start Targeting your Dream Customers!


Month #3: Newsletter - The Discovery Of The Continuity Funnel

In this month's issue of the Funnel University newsletter, Russell speaks about the inspiration he drew from the Digital Marketer's "Continuity" Funnel for his very own continuity programs. Russell explains that most continuity programs start with a membership site full of things like training or access to software and newsletters. The question is, how do we sell this?  Russell goes on to explain these programs can be really cool but also really tough to sell because the offer doesn't answer their specific needs, which is typically one thing. It's like going to the library, it's nice to see the thousands of books available but in the end, we're just looking for that one specific book.

For years Russell was trying to figure out a way to sell continuity that was exciting and that people would benefit from, without the confusion. Then he found Ryan Deiss and the guys over at Digital Marketer... They had found a way to do just that!
PLUS read about one of Russell's favorite funnels that's doing crazy amounts of revenue in an unusually amazing way!
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Month #3: "Digital Marketer's Continuity" Funnel

Jump into the "Continuity" Funnel that Russell funnel hacked from Ryan Deiss and the team over at Digital Marketer! If you sell any kind of continuity program we highly recommend you use this share funnel as Russell explains in this video! You can download this awesome funnel below!   Download the "Continuity" Funnel and Jump Start Your Program!


Month #3: REO Rockstar's "VSL" Funnel

In this video, Russell does a deep dive into REO Rockstar's "VSL" Funnel! This funnel is built especially for you Funnel Hackers that are targeting cold traffic. The funnel was originally created by Preston Ely, a top real estate investor, and contains two brilliantly crafted landing pages. The landing pages are based on where you're sending traffic, the first is built for cold traffic and the other is built for your warmer traffic. If you're going after cold traffic you need to model REO Rockstar's "VSL" funnel. You'll learn all about these secrets and more in this training by Russell. Also, make sure to download the "VSL" Share Funnel Below! Don't Wait to Download REO Rockstar's "VSL" Funnel! 


Month #4: Newsletter - "Funnel Hacking Launch" Funnel

In Issue No. 4 Russell does a break down of the "Funnel Hacking Launch" Funnel. This funnel was originally designed for product launches that were put together by Russell. ClickFunnels had been live for a year and had already done 40+ webinars in those first 12 months. Because ClickFunnels had done the live webinar so many times, the affiliates started asking for something new to promote. Russell started asking himself "How am I going to do this product launch? Do I need to start over at the beginning?" when the lightbulb went off! Russell realized The Perfect Webinar was just that; PERFECT! Why reinvent the wheel when you can repurpose it? Russell used The Perfect Webinar script to create a new product launch sequence... For the rest make sure to download the 15-page newsletter below! PLUS, learn how to plug-in profits with Network Marketing and the "Plug-In Profit" Funnel! Download the Phenomenal Funnel U Newsletter Here!

Month #4: "Funnel Hacking Launch" Funnel

In this video, Russell breaks down one of his own funnels, the "Funnel Hacking Launch" Funnel! Russell crafted this one using The Perfect Webinar Script and repurposed it into a product launch sequence. This funnel utilizes a micro-quiz which leads your customer into a micro-commitment in the form of giving you their email. Next, it moves your customer into the product launch sequence and then ending with your glorious offer! It's amazingly simple and super powerful but the best part? It's evergreen and built to work today and tomorrow! Now, download the "Funnel Hacking Launch" Funnel below and get started! Your Share Funnel is Waiting! Download it Here!


Month #4: "Plug-In Profit" Funnel

Are you a professional Network Marketer? If so you need to watch this training By Russell!  When Russell first got started online, one of the very FIRST programs he ever made money with was a site called the Plug-In Profit Site and 15 years later this site is still going strong thanks to it's everlasting "Plug-In Profit" Funnel! In this video, he does a detailed dive into this proven funnel for all of the dedicated network marketers out there! So if you're ready to take your game to the next level download the share funnel below and get to work! Download The Amazing "Plug-In Profit" Funnel Here!


Month #5: Newsletter - The Power of Quizzes with The Acidic Quiz Funnel

In this issue of the Funnel U Newsletter, Russell discusses the power of quiz and survey funnels. When Russell ran across the original "Acidic Quiz" Funnel he was amazed by its visual beauty and equally impressed with its influence capability. The acidic quiz starts with Facebook ads that people click on to be taken to a landing page that says, “How acidic is your body? Cut down a bit of your belly fat with the body acidity test." and then the person clicks on the "Start Now" button.

Russell also points out one particular area of brilliance in the funnel. What they did is very similar to the video spoiler boxes ClickFunnels uses frequently. The "Acidic Quiz" Funnel goes through the three steps of their acidity quiz so you know exactly what to expect and how quickly you can get the results. The whole page is both beautiful and conceptually awesome. And the cool thing is, you could build this in ClickFunnels very easily. So let's get started by downloading the newsletter now!
BONUS: Learn how to master the "Fabletics Quiz" Funnel as well! Check the second section of the newsletter to see how!
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Month #5: The "Acidic Quiz" Funnel

In this video training, Russell breaks down one of his favorite funnel models. The quiz and survey funnel and specifically The "Acidic Quiz" Funnel! When Russell stumbled on this unique funnel he was initially impressed with its aesthetics and then quickly fell in love with its internal structure. Russell was so impressed that when he created his own, The "Acidic Quiz" Funnel, he modeled it after this initial funnel he found. Russell deep dives into each stage of this funnel and breaks down the power of quizzes! The great news is ClickFunnels has already built out the share funnel for you! You can download it below to start today! Download The Beautiful "Acidic Quiz" Funnel Right Now! 


Month #5: The "Fabletics Quiz" Funnel

In the spirit of quiz and survey funnels, Russell coaches you through the awesome "Fabletics Quiz" Funnel! This funnel was found one day by Russell when he decided to check out all the different ads and marketing within his wife's Facebook page. While clicking around he was introduced to the Fablestics website but this site had something different... A QUIZ! Of coarse Russell had to take it and what he found were strokes of marketing genius within the quiz. All of which Russell modeled and created the "Fabletics Quiz" Funnel which he walks you through in this exciting training! You can download the share funnel below to get started right away! Download The Fantastic "Fabletics Quiz" Funnel Here!


Month #6: Newsletter - Increasing Your Average Customer Value With The Supplement Stack

Welcome back to the Funnel University Newsletter! In this issue, Russell teaches you all about what he calls "a crazy, intense funnel that’s going to be a lot of fun", The "Supplement Stack" Funnel! The name comes from Russell's passion for bio-hacking and stacking supplements and this funnel model of stacking a bunch of funnels together. When you're working through this funnel you may say to your self, "This is a quiz funnel" which it is but that's not all. You’re also going to think, “Oh this is a free plus shipping funnel.” And it is, but that’s not all. And you’re going to think, “Oh this is a product launch.” Well, it is, but it’s not just that. This funnel is ALL this and more and built to help you acquire more customers by increasing your average customer value. The bigger that gets, the more money you can spend to acquire and the faster you can grow your business! 
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Month #6: The "Supplement Stack" Funnel

This video, Russell will be coaching you through The "Supplement Stack" Funnel! With varying aspects of different funnels built into this one powerful funnel, it's a sure-fire way to increase your average customer value. As Russell states "The funnel stacking process is the best way known to increase your average customer value. The bigger that gets, the more money you can spend to acquire customers and the faster you can grow your company." Click the link below to download your own "Supplement Stack" Funnel today!   Download The Powerful "Supplement Stack" Funnel to Start Growing Your Customer Value!


Month #7: Newsletter - Third Way Man And The Power Of Copy

In this issue of the Funnel University Newsletter Russell breaks down the "Third Way Man" Funnel! Russell came across this particular funnel when a friend sent him the link and told him to read the headline. What Russell noticed right away was how simplistic the pages were but how incredible the copy was, especially the headline! He saw how this headline instantly grabbed your attention and made you want to read more. As he dug deeper into the copy he could see the copy was aimed to call out the customer's pain points, then jab at them a little bit and finally offer a simple solution. As Russell moved along he was seeing more and more incredible headlines and copy throughout the entire funnel. The key takeaway; your copy drives the traffic. Download the newsletter to break down the "Third Way Man" Funnel and learn how important copy is when driving traffic. BONUS: Russell instructs you on a simple and easy way to sell high-end services using his "Local Consultant" Funnel! Download Issue No. 7 of the Amazing Funnel U Newsletter!

Month #7: "Third Way Man" Funnel

In this Funnel University Training, Russell breaks down the "Third Way Man" Funnel and the power of copy! Russell's main focus of this video is to show you how good sales copy drives a funnel. He discusses how a lot of Funnel Hackers put their effort and energy into creating funnels, and not paying enough attention to the copy. Russell will show you, despite the "Third Way Man" Funnel being is so simple, how good copy keeps everything moving and your customers buying.   Download The "Third Way Man" Funnel to Master The Power of Copy!


Month #7: "Local Consultant" Funnel

Russell breaks down the simple and easy "Local Consultant" Funnel in this video! Russell explains how numerous people selling high-end products and services have come to him over the years. They all ask the same thing "How do I use funnels to sell my high-end commodities?" and he always gives the same answer; just like anything else!  Russell will instruct you through the "Local Consultant" Funnel and how a local financial advisor uses logical and emotional copy to 10X his business. Be sure to download the share funnel below to build your own funnel out now! Download "Local Consultant" Funnel to Begin Selling Your High-End Services!