The Indoctrination Sequence!

In this module, we're going to create authority, build trust, fuel desire, increase your show up rate, and increase your conversion ...all by helping people. The steps in this module are considerably easier than in the last module ...but VERY important. As usual, I've designed everything to be delivered in little "chunks" ...some with simple exercises at the end. And as usual, if you just complete each little "chunk", you'll have a major component of your campaign all set up by the end! So let's get started. In this video, you'll discover the proper framework of your first indoctrination video. Watch it all because it will make it 100X easier for you when it's time to create your video!


LANGUAGE PATTERNS! - A Director's Cut Walkthrough

In this video, you'll discover two VERY powerful language patterns to use in pre-indoctrination. Plus, I'm walking you through a "director's cut" version of one my best Indoctrination Videos (#1) and breaking down each chunk we discussed in the video 1. When you watch this, it'll "demystify" the "Video 1" process so you can get your videos made faster without having to start from scratch.


The Indoctrination Worksheet!

This video is quick and easy and will HELP YOU get your video made FAST!
In it, I walk you through an easy little worksheet I created for you to use so you can bang out the flow and concepts of your first indoctrination video quickly.
Download Indoctrination Video 1 Worksheet PDF


Indoctrination Video 1 TEMPLATE and Walkthrough (For doing screen-cams)

In addition to the director's cut and other materials, I'm also helping you speed up the process by giving you a template (download is located over in the lower left) and a video on how to create your indoctrination videos using Keynote (or Powerpoint).
Download Indoctrination Video 1 Quick Template ZIP


The SECOND Indoctrination Video!

In this video, I give you the director's cut of how to do the SECOND Indoctrination Video. This one is used to build goodwill, overcome skepticism and self-doubt, and provide results in advance by genuinely helping them.


Indoctrination Video #2 TEMPLATE (for doing screencams)

Here's another little something to help you knock this out faster :-)
The template itself is over to the lower left.
Download Indoctrination Video 2 Template ZIP


The Indoctrination Video #2 Worksheet!

Mercifully short and mercifully easy :-)
However - don't mistake simplicity for weakness! Wath this video and do the quick exercises. When you do, you'll set yourself up for a FAST AND EASY time creating your second video!
Download Indoctrination Video 2 Worksheet PDF


The Emails

In this video, I walk you through the exact emails I use to deploy my indoctrination sequence. I also give you the emails for the reminder sequence and show you how to time them all.
At the end of the video, I'll take you into my Infusionsoft account to briefly explain how I automate the campaign. NOTICE: At the end of this class, I'll give you a detailed tutorial on how I use Infusionsoft to create webinar campaigns using their drag-and-drop builder thingy.
DO NOT let this video (the end part) intimidate you into thinking Infusionsoft is too hard, or that any of this is too complicated. It's actually gotten super easy, and I'll walk you through all that "tech stuff" at the end of the class.
I just included this little chunk at the end of THIS video because today, one of the students emailed me with an Infusionsoft question and I wanted to answer it in this video (in case anyone else had the same question.)
ALSO - you don't need Infusionsoft for any of this. You can use Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Office Auto Pilot, or whoever. Doesn't matter.
Download Reminder Sequence 2 PDF
Download Indoctrination Emails PDF