Watch this FIRST

Here's a (mercifully short) overview of how the course works. Please watch this first! **Please note: The material downloads referred to in this video are with the NEXT video, "The Idea Machine".**


The Idea Machine

  This video is quick and easy (like all of the videos in this class :-). And it's VERY important because I'm giving you a PRE-RECON tool that'll do several things: -> Help you come up with product ideas. -> Help you come up with copy ideas and bullet point ideas. -> Help you come up with sales hooks. -> Help you come up with the "Payoff" part of your webinar. Listen. This is FAST and EASY and IT WILL HELP YOU MAKE MONEY let's get crackin'! Download Materials Zip File


The Recon Worksheet

This is also very FAST and EASY. In this video, I'll walk you through how to do this worksheet. If you follow along, you'll have it finished in 15 minutes and as a result, you'll get a MASSIVE JUMP start on your copy, your webinar content, your sales hooks, and more.
Also - be sure to download the example PDF, which is to the left.  This is the one I completed in the video you're about to watch.
Download Recon Worksheet PDF


The Liquidator Offer Formula

  In this video, I walk you through the six steps of your liquidator offer. This is this small one-time offer your registrants see right after they sign up to attend your webinar. The reason this is important is that the sales of this offer can offset your advertising costs, and maybe even give you a profit before the webinar even happens! And the reason we're doing this first is that you want to go ahead and create this pitch we can then create the "thank you" page for your registration process. (Otherwise, what are people going to see after they register? A page that doesn't make sales, that's what. And who wants that?? Nobody!) So let's get to work. Download VBB Pitch Copy PPT


BUILDING the Liquidator Pitch

In this video, I'll use the framework I just gave you to walk you through an editable VSL template that uses my own slides as an example.
This will do two things for you:
1. Allow you to see how each part of a winning VSL fits into the framework.
2. Give you a pre-built slide deck you can edit, so you don't have to deal with the dreaded blank page!
If you DO THIS, you'll be off to the races. I've done everything to make it easy and simple for you take the time to do it NOW! It'll totally pay off for you by giving you sales to offset (and maybe even exceed) the cost of your webinar advertising.
Oh - one more thing. The example slide deck is in PPT format. Kajabi won't let me upload it in Keynote for Mac, which is weird. But Keynote will open a Powerpoint doc just fine. And if you don't have either one if those, you can open it in Google Docs which is free :-) BLAMMO!
Download VBB Pitch Copy 1 PPT


Building Your Pitch Page!

In this video, I walk you through how to create your liquidator sales page by using the very LOW TECH and EASY tools that I use personally.
Now - everybody has their own preference of tools which they use, and I'm not attached to what you decide to use long as you GET 'ER DONE.
So I'm going to walk you through what allows me to set all this stuff up myself ...even though I'm technically illiterate and have three kids with a fourth on the way (aka SLEEP DEPRIVED lol.)
I've also included a little checklist of sorts. Probably overkill, but I really want to make this easy for you!
Download Pitch Page Steps PDF



Sweet! Now that we've got your liquidator offer all set up and ready to make you money, here's what's next.