Stephen Larson kicks off the 3-day event by talking about all the ways in which it will change lives and accelerate learnings! Watch these videos to get a roadmap and power for how to take what you're naturally good at and propel it even further. Then we're treated to two hours of Russell Brunson introducing all the foundational pieces of building funnels and creating offers. He breaks things down piece by piece and then gives you time to workshop all of it. Day One is about Building a Cult(ure), Day Two gets into Story and Belief, and Day Three covers Funnel Building.

2 hr 10 min


The second block of Day One of Hackathon moves into how to Create a Mass Movement--warning: this is where the majority of the mistakes happen! The key part of this is the new opportunity, or vehicle of change, that you're offering. This session goes deep into this concept and why it's so much more compelling than teaching someone to get better at something they already know about. Movements are not built on this concept! Find out exactly how to create and structure your New Opportunity.

1 hr 17 min


The third session of Day One covers how to launch your New Opportunity, and includes some homework! It covers four different ways to launch this on Facebook: the Facebook Live Ask campaign (see a bunch of examples as Russell and everyone in the room does this live on the video!), how to get traffic to your Ask campaign, how to run Facebook ads to your offers (4 types of ads), or how to do all this with just a Facebook page post rather than a Live. Check out the lengthy Q&A session with John Parkes, the VP of Traffic at Clickfunnels--it covers all the most common questions about driving leads on Facebook. Then watch Russell Brunson do a Facebook Live test run, right from the Hackathon room!

1 hr 1 min