Excellent News

Watch this for two reasons: 1. It shows you how we're going to be working together during this class. 2. It proves that this whole process is way easier than you think


Spy Footage Overview: Five Product Types

In this Module, you’ll learn what the Five Product Types are as well as defining Front End, Liquidator Offers and Continuity Programs. Learn to develop your Bread-N-Butter product and discover the benefits of having modulated courses, and turn them into a big ticket products.


Marketing Formulas

SPY FOOTAGE! In this video, I show you the main marketing formulas that SELL Information products online. As you'll soon see - I take you behind the scenes of my own business ...as well as play "secret shopper" with other businesses to show you exactly what's working and why.


Conversion Tools

In this Module, you’ll learn to decipher conversion mechanisms and campaigns – breaking down the three sales mechanisms vital in the online information sales business; webinars, vsl, and sales letters. Examine webinars, launches, and straight offer sequences, and their effectiveness.


Escape And Arrival Framework


The Escape And Arrival Mapping Tool

This worksheet is a practice tool for you to create your own escape and arrival framework.
Download Escape & Arrival Global Worksheet PDF