The first video for this masterclass is a special message from Russell Burnson thanking you for investing both your time and money into this training program. If you immerse yourself, you WILL be successful! Dive in and enjoy!


Creating an Irresistible Offer

Learn everything that goes into creating an offer that people will go crazy for and have them scrambling to pull out their credit cards. This is selling to the masses so that you can close as many people as possible at once. This hour-long class will also take you through the Perfect Webinar method for sales, Creating offers is all about sales--get Russell's best tips for how to come up with and sell irresistible offers.

1hr 6min

The NEW Perfect Webinar

Now we get to hear the backstory behind how Russell Brunson delivered his infamous "10x Secrets" presentation at Grant Cardone's event, where he sold 3 million from the stage in 90 minutes. He dissects why it worked (hints: built rapport, didn't brag outright, went through Epiphany Bridge script). He also breaks down his NEW Perfect Webinar script--you're going to watch this whole thing to find out how this works.

1hr 33min

How I Made $3 Million in 90 Minutes

It's another famous story in Russell Brunson lore! But as he explains here, the fundamentals of a good sale (from stage or anywhere) are the same: tell a good story, and make an irresistible offer. It's also huge how someone presents you before you come on stage as a speaker--we call this pre-framing! You must always pre-frame your offers too. Russell breaks down each tactic he uses in his speech, like knowing exactly how to connect with his audience, make yourself sound legit without bragging, and talk about your future-based cause. Watch to get all the golden nuggets!  

2hr 57min

Event Choreography

Throwing a great event is an art form, and Russell Brunson of course knows about that. Learn the main things to focus on in your event presentations: get results for your customer and build a mass movement (create your Attractive Character, create a future-based cause, and create a new opportunity (blue ocean). Bonus! Find out how to make people rush your table to buy your offer at the end of your presentation.

1hr 29min